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Gadget Hackwrench

|| Rescue Rangers ||

Article is written by Igor Merinov

Gadget Hackwrench
Gadget's voice in RussianGadget's voice in EnglishGadget's voice in German
    A small mouse in a blue overalls. A graceful figure. Unique blue eyes. Hair color changing from red, through chestnut-coloured to light goldish. A very enduring but also tender and delicate creature. A sensitive soul, who knows the despair of loneliness and the joy of being of benefit to others.

    I dare say that she is the core that keeps the members of the team together. If Chip and Dale have a personal attraction to Gadget, then with Monty and Zipper she is joined by a long standing friendship. Reasoning from that, Gadget joined the team without any problems and right away felt herself the right man in the right place.

    In the team Gadget is responsible for all kinds of electromechanical things, about which the others know only the fundamentals and don't interfere in her work, because of that the team is intact and safe so far. On a voluntary basis Gadget introduce that indescribable element of a home cosiness, over which all members aspire for find themself together in the warm conference room once again after realization their inclination for adventures and long travels.

    For Dale Gadget is an inexhaustible source of information. "What is reaction jet?" - asks Dale. And immediately in the soft emotional voice from Gadget's seat heard: "Reaction jet is...". And everybody is listening with devout silence. Gadget, who neither learned in Cambridge University, University of Oxford or Sorbonne University, has a high level of knowledge, which allows both, the team and everybody who watches the Rescue Rangers adventures from the other side of the television learn something useful without turning over the pages of an intricate books.

    It's strange, but static portraits of Gadget don't makes an impression in contrast to sparkling smiles of a finalists "Mrs. Universe" and other similar beauty contests. Then why does she aspire to the title of the best mouse of all time in the minds of those people, who once plunged into this bright and magnificent world and stayed there forever?

    In my opinion, Gadget is a surprisingly harmonious person, who is able to live in rythem with the world and with herself. Nowadays, when feelings and emotions are transforming deformity by passing through a millions reflections of malicious mirrors of human relations, Gadget remains an ideal, an untouched isle, a wonderful creature from who you shouldn't fear a stab in the back. Beside her, you feel cozy and comfortable. And desire to do something nice for her, something mysterious, celebratory, something, which remains in her memory. To do something for no particular reason, without demanding or expecting anything from her in exchange. Perhaps only to see her miraculous smile and realize: yes, you did everything as it should be!

    Gadget's collection also can tell much about her. A collection is an original view on life and at the same time it is a way to learn those sides of life, which you liked. There are those, who "accumulates" and there are those who "collects". It does not matter, what exactly. Postage stamps, badges, beer cans or pasteboards. Pieces of the world fall into a collector's hand and open windows into his soul. Gadget has an extensive collection of hinges. And who knows, probably she could never become such a great inventor if she didn't put her heart and soul into this collection, which gave her knowledge about mechanics in response. And now, Chip and Dale, who in their prehistoric past hardly made paper pigeons and escaped from Donald, who are able to operate an excavator, are grandly siting on their places in flying devices, assembled by Gadget's hands.

    An ideology, which allows someone to discover invisible connections between physical laws, nature and garbage which is left after humans. Skilful hands which can operate almost automatically. Those two factors allows her to create wonderful devices, which helps the team in deadlocks.

A case of Coo-coo-cola Cult    Her inner life is not always unclouded. There are complexes, problems and conflicts. In the episode "A case of Coo-coo-cola Cult" she is leaving the team to start a new life. It is raining and we're being sad with her. And we hate beforehand a joyous parade of the cult members, which "feeling the fizz" of an orange cola. We hate them, because all those people are not the those people who she needs to be beside. Absolutely. After all, to be with someone not only means feel yourself comfortable. It also means helping to improve each other, to grow. In spite of "frozen" time in the series, all characters developed and perfected themselves. They don't stands still, but step forward. Not "step", they drive, float and fly. And in many respects all this because of Gadget. An impulses, which incarnating into inventions not remains unclaimed. And Gadget, who got a feedback - a confirmation that her work is needed by others - Gadget blossoms before our's eyes. And in her head new impulses flare up, which lead to other interesting adventures.

Gadget goes Hawaii    Everything is learned in comparison. And the appearance of Lahwhiney gives us a chance to compare Gadget with her. In this episode we can see distinctly, which is a game and which is real life. And how important it is to be able to live, to not transform life into a game, where somebody's life and feelings are at stake. Chip and Dale, who are accustomed to Gadget's simple-minded way of communicating are instantly entrapped by Lahwhiney's kisses and only highly experienced Monterrey Jack starts to suspect something wrong. But we could see how Gadget is indifferent to titles, heroic ranks and awards. The ending of the test - the most prospective moment for Lahwhiney - slips past Gadget, who at the moment calculates how to stop the volcano. Without a moment's thought, she gives up the rank of queen to Lahwhiney and hurries to rescue her friends. It is a very important strain - to be able to see a shining of soul beyond mirages. Gadget has this ability. Ability not only to see it, but also to keep it. You're realizing it, when in the end she, broke into a happy smile, dexterously dodging kisses. Chip and Dale who kissed each other because of that, are spiting with indignant, and Monty is contentedly comments: "It's our Gadget!". And in this moment I am ready to sign under each his word.

    A short afterword. According by author's request, I added some statistics. So, Gadget has appeared in 50 episodes from 52 which where shown in Russia. She wasn't in the episodes "To the Rescue pt.1" (#39) and "To the Rescue pt.2" (#40), where Chip and Dale still hadn't met the beautiful inventor.
And details:

  • Gadget's height - 5 inches (about 12 centimeters);
  • Weight - 100-120 grammes;
  • Figure - 6-4-6; :-)
  • Favourite sort
    of machine oil - Shell;
  • Will marry - it's a secret... ;-))

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