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Ranger Plane

General view of Ranger Plane

The General Description

The Ranger Plane - second vehicle invented by Gadget for the team.

The first time Ranger Plane appeared in a episode was "To the Rescue pt.4" (#42), by replacing "Screaming Eagle", which failured when landing. The Ranger Plane was assembled from pieces of trash in camp Klordane.

The basis of the plane is served by a plastic bottle with the removed upper part. The plane is supplied by flapping wings actuated by a mechanical drive, added action. The movement of wings is possible both on the vertical, and the horizontal ("Three Men and a Booby") plane, at the expense of high maneuverability of the machine is reached. For simplification of weight of the plane, the rubber ball filled helium serves. The plane is supplied the step-by-step chassis with plungers of shock action admitting accuracy of a landing of the order 1/2 inches.

For the plane special take-off and landing strips are not required.

The Ranger Plane is suitable for use only in good weather conditions. In conditions of a strong wind or thunder-storms the Ranger Plane is suitable a little. Further because of the specified lacks the Ranger Plane was replaced by the "Ranger Wing".

The undercarriageThe flapping wingsThe alternative way of flightLeft control systemRight control systemFragment of the control panel



up to 50 km/h


4 passengers (400 g)

Power Source





high accuracy of a landing on flat surfaces with an incline of 0 up to 360 degrees

The additional equipment

mini-gun shooting garpoo-plunger; blast

Sound "portrait" of Ranger Plane

r_plane.mp3 - 30K

Where Was the Ranger Plane Used


Name of episode


#01 Catteries Not Included --
#02 Three Men and a Booby --
#03 The Carpetsnaggers --
#05 Adventures in Squirrelsitting Failure
#06 Flash, the Wonder Dog --
#07 Pound of the Baskervilles Failure
#09 Risky Beesiness Is destroyed by bees
#11 Out to Launch Technical malfunctions
#12 Dale Beside Himself Is modernized with use extra-terrestial technologies
#13 Kiwi's Big Adventure Failure
#14 A Lad in a Lamp --
#15 Battle of the Bulge Is modernized under foot drive
#17 Ghost of a Chance Fine malfunctions
#19 The Luck Stops Here --
#20 Fake Me to Your Leader --
#22 The Case of the Cola Cult --
#24 A Wolf in Cheap Clothing --
#25 Prehysterical Pet Overload by dinos
#26 Robocat --
#28 A Creep in the Deep --
#32 The Last Leprecaun Failure
#42 To the Rescue pt.4 --
#53 A Case of Stage Blight --
#64 A Fly in the Ointment --

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