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Pound of the Baskervilles

    An awful storm is in the sky over Baskerville Hall. The lightnings continual ripes open the sky like a rotten pumpkin. The little Rangerplane, which dares to fly into the storm sky is tossed by wind from side to side. But the little chipmunk plunged into the mysterious world of Sureluck Jones seems to not notice anything...

    After the crash, because of the storm, the Rescue Rangers find themselves in a huge old mansion, which looked like a castle. Surely, in place like this ghosts will be around. So... A terrifying howl resounds in the empty passages of the house, the lightss flickered and... the Rescue Rangers hurry to hide in various directions.

    But after they become acquainted with this ghost, they found that it wasn't a ghost, it was a big good-natured dog named McDuff. Every night he snuck into the house with the purpose of finding lord Howard Baskerville's will, which for sure should stop the unjust oppression of the younger son of lord - Roger Baskerville - the owner of McDuff...

    The team immediately joined in the search for the will. Driven by guidelines which Chip had found in the book about the adventures of Sureluck Jones, they come to a secret passage. But this is not the end of Sherlock Chip's adventures, this is only beginning...

Characters from this episode

Rescue Rangers
Roger Baskerville
Lord Howie
Lord Howard Baskerville
Sureluck Jones

Inventions from this episode

Ranger Plane

Episode subtitles


Subtitles to episode #7 Language: English   

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